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Rehearsal photographs with Agnes de Mille and unidentified dancers

Sincere apologies yet again for the lack of posts recently.  You may imagine that we were very, very busy with Archives Month.  Here’s hoping that we will be a little more on the ball once more now that November has rolled around.

Short notice, but for all you fortunate New Yorkers, this Sunday offers a very special program at the 92nd Street Y in which the estimable and plucky New York Theatre Ballet will present “reconstructed works by Agnes de Mille from her Broadway and concert repertoire, followed by a panel discussion with Diana Byer, Gemze de Lappe and Elena Zahlmann discussing de Mille’s contributions to theater dance and her lexicon of dance gesture.”

We’d sure be there if we could!

While we’re at it, could anyone take a stab at identifying the individuals from the images?  It looks most likely to be a publicity/rehearsal photograph from one of de Mille’s Broadway shows from the 1950s, but it is hard to make out anyone but de Mille with any certainty in the tiny format.  Maybe you have sharper eyes.

Image credit: NYPL Digital Gallery ID TH 07969

William Gaxton and Constance Carpenter in original Broadway production of "A Connecticut Yankee" (1927).

William Gaxton and Constance Carpenter in original Broadway production of "A Connecticut Yankee" (1927).

Man, is it ever hard to find a decent portrait of a Broadway musical orchestrator (even when the arranger also is a composer), so I guess it’s a fantastic idea that the Library of Congress is presenting a free two-day symposium on the topic in May.  You can read the press release with full information here.  The program is being offered in tandem with the publication of The Sound of Broadway Music: A Book of Orchestrators and Orchestrations by Steven Suskin (Oxford University Press, 2009), a book which clearly fills a gap that sorely needed filling (I’ll have to let you know more about the book some day; the title is not yet even on order at my library).

For the record, the orchestrator for the original Broadway production of A Connecticut Yankee was Roy K. Webb (had to look that up on IBDB)

Image credit: NYPL Digital Gallery Image ID: 485112