June 2014

Enough about my technological shortcomings and back to basics.

Wish I could attend tomorrow night’s performance of Cole Porter’s The Ambassador Revue at New York’s Town Hall (instead of heading here, although I’m sure the trip will have it’s good points too). The 1928 score ( from one of Porter’s earliest efforts, La Revue des Ambassadeurs, originally presented in Paris) will be getting its first public airing in the United States. The long believed-to-have-been-lost musical arrangements were rediscovered by Vince Giordano in the Fred Waring collection at Penn State in another of those stories about performing arts archives that either could be considered embarrassing or exhilarating. It’s your choice.

Pilot me, indeed!




Or is it the second day. The first day of this much-anticipated conference began with a choice of morning and/or afternoon “excursions” to a wide variety of performing arts archives (more about that in a future post).

I seem to be technologically-challenged; having difficulties remembering my Twitter password and the WiFi appears a bit intermittent. But I will try to get it together this afternoon.