Google Houdini Doodle

Another cute Google Doodle reminded me to remind you that time is running out to catch the Houdini exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York City.

Houdini's will poster, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, POS - MAG - .H37, no. 2 (C size)

Billed as “the first art exhibition in an American art museum,” Houdini: Art & Magic brings together archival documentation and the responses of contemporary artists to the legendary performer.

Materials have been drawn from both private and public collections, including the Library of Congress, which includes an interesting description of the dispersal of the Houdini collection in its online catalog record for this particular item.  The LC note also relates the story of Harry Houdini’s brother, Theodore Hardeen (whose presence was notably absent from the exhibition if I recall correctly — but, then again, it was pretty crowded when I visited and I’m not sure I managed to read through all the captions).

Although the show closes in New York this Saturday, you will have a chance to catch up with it again throughout the year as it tours to two venues on the West Coast, before winding up in Wisconsin (where it all began).

Kudos to the Jewish Museum for organizing some of the most consistently innovative and engaging exhibitions on performing artists over the past few years!