I didn’t see many bats tonight (and I wasn’t the only one), but there’s always tomorrow.  With Big and Carrie gracing my television screen, now seems an opportune to continue the recapitulation of last year’s meeting.

Don’t let Archival Outlook fool you.  For those in the know, the tango lesson during the second half of the session, Getting to the Heart of Performance was far from “unexpected.”  Andrew Wentink was on hand to introduce Stanford dance scholar, Richard Powers, who discussed the early history of the Argentine tango and its adoption/adaptation in various countries.  Richard then demonstrated a 1916 version (I believe, no notes at hand) with his frequent partner, Joan Walton and invited meeting attendees to participate.  Which they did.  We have a sampling of photographs on the aforementioned Flickr site, but you should also check out a brief moment on Youtube: