At the very beginning of his quest to discover the “truth” in Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Vertigo, the main character, Scottie, asks his friend Midge’s advice:

Scottie: Not that kind of history. The small stuff! About people you never heard of!

Midge: Oh! You mean the Gay Old Bohemian Days of Gay Old San Francisco. The juicy stories? Like who shot who in the Embarcadero August, 1879?

She directs him to Pop Leibel, the owner of the mythical Argosy Book Shop, where he receives an answer that may be helpful or not.

While I can’t guarantee that all of your burning questions will be answered, I do predict you will have a good time if you come to the SAA Performing Arts Roundtable meeting this Wednesday at 1:00 at San Francisco’s Museum of Performance and Design.

For now, this blog takes a brief nap. But all too soon we shall return with fresh reports from the 2008 SAA Annual Meeting.

And if I don’t run into you at the meeting, you probably can find me lurking by the Shubert Theater.

Image credit: Book Harbor exterior, San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection, San Francisco Library, Photo ID# AAC-6432.